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Sweet sweet data...

Always enjoy your stuff man! Look forward to more!

Haha Well done man! Very Entertaining!

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Enjoyed this - Keep it up man.

I bought this template from Construct 2 a while back, while I am not diminishing your efforts in making this your own game. I don't see where you credit the original artist for the game assets. Whether you meant this or not you're implying that you created these pixel art assets which is not true.

Other than the nice challenges and levels. Good luck in the future.

Primajin responds:

Firstly, this is not a template, I bought the super platform art assets, not the game template. Secondly, I do actually credit the artist in the ending credits, the exact same place I credited myself btw, which for the record I didn't have to do, the license does not require you to credit the art assets. So no I didn't use a template or claim the artwork as my own.
Thanks for the advice though ;).

I just like that it's suitable for All Ages.... if they close their eyes that is.

The game play was a bit awkward to get used too, that could have been polished a bit, but everything else made up for some of the "short cummings" *drum roll please.

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I want to slap you for having talent

I hope you are happy now.

I wish I had talent.. lol

Very cool! I like this alot.

darphfluffy responds:

haha all it takes is time to mess around in FL and the rest trial and error

also thanks for the review man!

love them both

hey man im just2pale.. i love your works,, i used your submission in one of my flashes, http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=199051 , and it worked pretty good,... i would love to use more of your work,, email me at just2pale@hotmail.com and i would like to use your work to help promote me and you as well.. tell me what you think,, you are really talented and we could be a good team.

electrodei responds:

hi guy,sorry but i really can't , i don t have the time ...one song is very very long to do alone,you would have finish your flash a lot before i finish my song, i need ppls to do the programation while i compose the music.And now there is some ppls that are stealing my musics by putting an other name at the generique...disgusting, i can't put my new mp3 song here because of that

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He needs to get that genital wart on his arm looked at.

It's Rated E for Everyone..

Because Tom's dick is for everyone!

I see the logic!

lol Awesome work man.


Ha ok made me laugh.

I'm Drew. I like to Draw.

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