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I'm not dead, but my page says otherwise...

2015-11-02 13:18:12 by just2pale

Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well. It has been a while since I've posted here, but I'm always checking out your new games and animations here. 

Speaking of new animations I did upload a new episode to Spider Powers. Check it out and tell me what you think. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/665448

The gaps between animations is primarily due to family, work, and other projects. Here are a few projects that are still in development hell. The first is an endless runner that we are trying to get out for mobile. It's very simple in design and concept. You are an egg and you have to jump, but you control 3 characters at once. I know original :p


The 2nd game in development is our Vampire Game. This is a 2D sidescrolling bossfight in the spirit of Castle Crashing the Beard. Most of the assets are created for both these games, it's just a matter of getting the code done. 


All artwork and animations are done by myself. Programming is done by someone else. This Vampire Game has been started and restarted since 2009? We should really get these done in the next century.

Oh well I guess that's enough updates. I hope everyone's Halloween was fun and I look forward seeing more from you guys as well. 

lol kids

2014-05-09 18:30:27 by just2pale

Some responses I forget are from little kids and must be ingored. 

Spider Powers 8

2012-03-18 04:23:21 by just2pale

Oh noes I didn't! ...

but I did!

Spider Powers 8

Osama lived like me ...

2011-05-07 14:16:14 by just2pale

Crappy TV, Wires Exposed, and a Blanket...


Osama lived like me ...

Here is a shitty company to harass!

2011-04-09 14:57:54 by just2pale

Dallas Pro Web Designers
4038 Lemmon Ave Suite 103
Dallas, TX 75219


Max loves long walks on the beach with little boys. When he isn't touching boys he is screwing people outta payment on what he owes.

This fucker owes me about $2,000/

I worked for this company as a freelance designer for about 1 1/2 weeks.
They are refusing to pay up what they owe, so I have contacted the BBB and filed a complaint.
But it just doesn't do any justice without spamming the fuck outta them.

http://www.prowebdesignstudios.com/con tact-us

Spider Powers 7: Stalker

2011-02-14 05:07:37 by just2pale


Cock of the Walk

2011-02-03 01:03:38 by just2pale

New animation

Cock of the Walk

Love you stamper!

Drunken Decisions and a Shirt to go with!

2010-11-27 11:30:44 by just2pale

A friend of mine, Ayvie, drunkenly ordered a shirt from my site... She then decided to just go ahead a take pics when the shirt came in!!

You can view the rest here... Ayvie Photo Shoot.

You can talk to her on the my Forum too I'm sure she is there now - like she has anything better to do. :p

Drunken Decisions and a Shirt to go with!

You know V is a fan!

2010-09-06 21:54:48 by just2pale

Support V and his cause!

You know V is a fan!

What to do!?

2010-08-30 06:12:11 by just2pale

Being sick is not fun, but work still has to be done.

I enjoy working on what makes me laugh. Sometimes it doesn't go on to be super popular in NG status, but I still enjoyed the process of making the animation or game anyways. Here is my latest animatio Teenage Cheeseburger.

Short list of what I'm doing:
Our new game is going well just very slow right now. Been working on the cut scenes for the game.
Another Spider Powers is on the way. I enjoy these very much.
Maybe another Twatlight?

Check out these cool tshirts, because everyone and their moms has a tshirt store! Check them out here The pic attached is one of the designs. Hehe.

Remember to follow me on twitter or facebook it's the easiest way to keep updated on what's coming out next.

What to do!?