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just2pale's News

Posted by just2pale - April 10th, 2009

I don't remember a movie in a while that is soo hated before it has even come out, but today DB Evolution was released. I am a DBZ fan. I like the anime, games, and so on. I am not a fanatic, but I enjoy them. Even I can't deny how awful the movie looks.. This makes the Street Fighter Movie look great.

A white guy as Goku. Master Roshi isn't even an old bald guy. Krillin and others are left out.. and from the previews, it just looks stupid.

Having said that Piccolo at least looks like his anime counterpart. So that maybe one positive .. and thats it so far.

Now I haven't even seen the movie.. and I may or may not, but after seeing the preview for the Video Game.. It just may have killed my desire.

What are your thoughts?

Dragon Ball Evolution

Dragon Ball and the Street Fighter curse!

Posted by just2pale - April 2nd, 2009

This is my 27th naked day! Damn I am old, but not as old as my dad.. because that would just be impossible! or is it?

Did anyone watch yesterday's South Park April Fool's Episode!? I thought it was funny. Queef Sisters!

Soon another sad attempt at an animation will be brought to the portal! I can't wait to finish it, I've been working off an on with it for a while now. It's a music video so now I am tired of the song haha.


if anyone bought the Twatlight DVD, then you are just super cool.... super cool.


Happy Naked Day to me!

Posted by just2pale - January 7th, 2009

I just found out that my animation Twatlight Animation was in the news, New Zealand News, but it's still news. Too bad they don't mention Newgrounds... its a 3 second spot, but hey I can tell my grandchildren.. I was famous for 3 seconds. Haha.. I still say there must not have been anything decent to report that day..

Click below to see the clip.

Twatlight in the News

Also.. I enjoy my Newground's Calender!!! I suggest everyone buy one! now!!!


Twatlight Animation on the News??? WTF????

Posted by just2pale - December 4th, 2008

How can my Twatlight animation still be on front page?.. Seriously its not that great..

Posted by just2pale - November 24th, 2008

Sooo I went to go see Twilight...., I heard it was going to be a chick flick, but OMG,, could it suck any more? No pun intended. As soon as it was over, my friends and I were instantly making fun of it.

Twatlight Animation

Twatlight Animation lol

Posted by just2pale - November 7th, 2008

The Dark Knight

Its finally finished, I am happy with the final animation.. I hope you guys are too.

Posted by just2pale - October 26th, 2008

I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

I may have a confession.

Posted by just2pale - October 10th, 2008


Listen guys. This isn't some Newgrounds popular joke, I'm being completely serious about this, and I want you to take me serious for a moment please. This is very important and most of all hard for me to do... I think I don't like Legendary Frog. I have known it since I was little... and blah blah blah..


Actually I am submitting this for the Newgrounds Calender contest. This is my 2nd one... see if you can find my 1st one.


Calender Entry.. and personal message to newgrounds

Posted by just2pale - October 3rd, 2008

Listen guys. This isn't some Newgrounds white joke, I'm being completely serious about this, and I want you to take me serious for a moment please. This is very important and most of all hard for me to do... I'm transparent, a cracker, a freak'n Casper the Friendly Ghost here, whatever you want to call it. I'm pale and i've known it since i was like 5. I grew up in a pretty strict catholic environment and eventually came out at age 16 to my family [which didn't go well]. No I'm not Catholic I'm Atheist. Point is I hate myself for it. I absolutely hate the living core of myself for it. For many reasons.

One, I hate being labeled. I hate being labeled with the reputation that white people have developed for themselves.

Two, growing up all through my childhood I've always heard nothing but negative things about whitey, most of this being bullshit, i know. But that stuff still is engraved in my head and still goes through my mind whenever I see someone that tries to tan. Therefore, I have trouble accepting the fact I can't tan well.

Three, I am not tan , and do not prefer spray on orange tan cans. I'm just a dude that can't tan who also happens to burn in the sun... if that makes any sense.

Four, I have no self confidence. Tan White People have lots of that. That is why they owned slaves. Since I have no self confidence.. I have no slaves. It's a vicious cycle.

[There are more reasons, but prefer not going through them.]

I had to say this because starting from today, I plan on actually getting over the fact that my bullshit insecurity about my paleness has taken over me, and I am oh so fucking sick of it. I need to grow up and go on. One thing I want to make clear is that there is a difference between a vampire, and an albino, and I am neither. If you catch me pulling any vampire or albino jokes. Do not consider that I might be wanting to drink your blood or braid you hair like those two albinos in the matrix. White People don't like you cause you're white, they just like shade or other nice dark places. Besides, the racist related comments, art, animation and such that I make public of are always intentioned to be taken as sarcasm [except for this news post of course]. So if you have a problem with me and my genetic glitch, you have 3 possible answers:

A: Go fuck yourself you stupid cunt.
B: I'm sorry.
C: Oh well.

Take your pic.
-HVH (How to Vanish and Hide)

p.s. let me emphasis on this. Pale jokes and Tan Jokes still make me laugh Nothing there has changed.

Posted by just2pale - September 6th, 2008

Hello fellow NG'ers and jealous people who can't play Castle Crashers Yet... me being one of those!!! Damn't.

I thought I would show you guys my status on what I am doing and why the hell not do a video of it. I have 3 parts to it. So Let me know what you guys think... even if you don't I will still be happy..

I enjoyed the Dark Knight so much that I couldn't help but spoof it. I should have this ready for you guys soon. I have most of the Joker's mouth animated, now on to his movements and eyes... Then Gordon and Batman.

Enjoy the vids.

ohh and don't visit Havaha ... he wears a funny hat and it might be contagious.... and his animations are fun too.


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