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just2pale's News

Posted by just2pale - February 12th, 2010

Well its another day for a stupid animation.

Talking to Ex's

If you havnt already watch part 1 you can see it here.. even though it really has nothing to do with eachother except the small reference.

Spider Powers

Hmmm other then that - we are working hard on our 3rd Flash Game. Soo back to work for me.

Talking to Ex's

Posted by just2pale - December 31st, 2009

First as the Subject says Happy New Year!

We are almost finished with our next game. This one is very simple it is a Difference Game, you know, spot the differences of the pictures. It's almost done maybe tonight or tomorrow it will be released.

As simple as this game is, I now have a bit more respect for all the people who have made games like these. They are a simple Idea, but not as easy as I thought to create. I am having issues - getting bored - making all the differences, exporting those from PS to Flash. Oh well hopefully it will be ok.

Also we are trying to update our last game "A Slight Mishap" with more goodies as well. It was a fun experience making it, and getting everyone's feedback really helped us in making these changes - Hey better late then never.

Finally I had planned on getting this Christmas Animation completed by well... Christmas but that never went to plan. I has asked a large amount of Artists to provide their voices to their characters. I had a large roster of players.

Surprisingly I got most if not all of the Artists to provide the voices - Unfortunately real life gets in the way at times. I have quite a bit on this - so it is not a total waste, it just might be used for Next Christmas and give me more time to work on it.



Posted by just2pale - November 21st, 2009

We are pleased to release our 1st "official" game. We say official because we have created Flash games in the past - they just were not for the general public. After months of saying we will finish this game - it has finally happened. You don't know how happy and excited we are. We hope you'll have as much (and more) fun playing it as we had making it.

We recommend playing the game with Hardware Acceleration on.
A Slight Mishap - with Hardware Acceleration

Without Hardware Acceleration
A Slight Mishap - w/o Hardware Acceleration

In other news I am creating a Newground's Christmas Special. I plan to bring in other artists to voice their characters while I do the animation work. I have actually been working on this script for well over a 1yr, but due to actual life sometimes things get put on hold.

I saw SamT's Portal Animation and that got me back in the mood of finishing my script. That bastard beat me to it - so I asked him to be apart of this as well.

Actually I have been surprised on the number of people that have agreed to be apart of this. I have asked some top NG users out there if they would like to participate. So far I have got back really positive feedback from everyone.

Right now I am waiting to hear back from some people - so far I am still waiting :( Maybe I should get Tom to visit them in just a beard!! That's it just a beard.

Also besides getting just well known artists - I am also asking less known or artists I like personally to be apart of this.

So if you would like to have a chance to have a cameo with some other top NG users out there - this could be it. Send me a PM if know of a NG user or you are that NG user who you think makes NG's the way it is.

You could either be a background character - supporting character - or a stain on the wall. Haha. It really depends on the time I have left, since I did set a Dead Line of Christmas to have this completed.

On a side note It is a time consuming task to keep track of the number of people that I have involved in this. So forgive me if I email you twice - use the wrong name.. actually have done that - or any other stupid things that will occur in the next few weeks.

I still have a lot of work to finish - So I better get Flash'n.




Posted by just2pale - October 10th, 2009

Well I wonder if you plan to not plan will that plan still happen?

I only say this because it seems that whenever we plan to get this game out it gets delayed, but for good reason. We are trying to work out all the bugs of the flash player.

Now it's not going to be the best game out there, but it will be our stepping stone for games to come. Read here for more.

In other news we have updated our site to have a better Login feature, plus we added a Recent Article section to the site. Now you guys know what's the latest addition to the site.

Finally I have been working on a script for an animation since last before last December.. I saw Life in the Portal and it got me back in the spirit to finish the year long script. Hopefully I will have luck in getting some voice actors to help out.

We shall see..


Posted by just2pale - September 23rd, 2009

Has Myspace lost its appeal? Its slow as shit because everyone's page is horribly slapped together. So you have 30 videos all on one page with horrible layouts.

I have an account, but mainly only use it to direct people here or my site.

Oh well that's my rant for today...

In other news we are hard at work on our new flash game.. or should I say (games). It's going slower then expected. We had planned to have it out this week, but real life gets in the way at times.

We are hard at work on our games, so I havn't had that much time to update the site, but you guys can still come and make fun of it.. I always do haha..

So is it just me or is Myspace gone down?

Posted by just2pale - September 13th, 2009

Hey guys,

We've been busy at updating just2pale.com. We have added some new features - again some you can and can't see at the moment. The latest is the ability to now comment on content. So check out the new changes and I would love to see comments.. even though me saying that will now start a spam of useless crap.. Ah the Joy and Evils of the internet.

Also, just in time to be late for the Power of Three. We are busy completing our first (public) Flash Game. I won't give away all the details, but it involves animations and coding.. and this neat little screen shot that gives nothing away.

So check out the updates and hopefully the end of this week we will have a game for you to play.

Power of Three??

Posted by just2pale - August 18th, 2009

We have been busy updating our website, working on new animations, and a few new flash games.

It is a lot of work to do, but we know it's what all of you are wanting.

I have been getting a lot of feedback from my Face Down Animation. Thanks for all your feedback, good and bad. I enjoyed working on it and feel it's one of my best as far as animation style to date.

We have a lot of new features in the works and new content is sure to appear when it's done that is. ..

So if you have nothing better to do come check out the new changes to just2pale.com, I mean come on we know you have nothing better to do, that's why you are on Newgrounds.

Posted by just2pale - July 31st, 2009

Hey guys,

just2pale.com is officially relaunched. Take a look at the main page and check out all the cool features that would be there if we had more time. For now enjoy the lack of features that it does have. This has been an experience creating and I hope you all enjoy. This new site wouldn't be possible without the help of my new partner Bozo.. or his Newgrounds account xxbbcc.

Also check out the new animation that I just submitted here..
Face Down Animation

I hope you guys enjoy the animation and remember to check out the new site.

Posted by just2pale - June 25th, 2009

I guess its a matter of time before this place is swarming with Animations I better get started too. I just heard Michael Jaskson died today.

Posted by just2pale - April 21st, 2009

Months ago I switched to CS4 from CS3. After the bells and whistles died down. I came to realize I don't like CS4 at all.

1st: It runs completely slow. The basic editing of an object or text and forget about speed. I constantly have to wait for flash to catch up with my speed.

2nd: All of the Panels are made to fit in the left or right column, which is fine, but not for someone who is use to having the Panels at the bottom of the screen. Like the Actions and Property Inspector.

3rd: They got ride of the Help for Actions Script.

4th: It Crashes quite a bit.


I have switched back to Flash CS3 and even though it has it's problems too, It is way better then 4. How is it that a company can produce crap and call it an updated version with more problems then the last version?

I could keep going on, my point I am trying to make.. Does anyone have Flash CS4 and have some of these problems that I've come across? Mainly of CS4 running slow and crashing?

Let it blow!!!


Screw CS4 in the hole!